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Midcurrent Midweek – Circles > Rows

I’m certain that you’ve heard us say it before, but the ONE thing we are all about is creating spaces for real people and a real God to meet. We truly hope Midcurrent is a meeting place for you and God every time you walk through our front door. At the same time, we also want to do whatever we can to help you take another step in a real relationship with Him.

Not long ago, we decided that at this time in the life our church, MC Circles were the best way we could do just that. MC Circles are seasonal, short term opportunities for you to move from rows on Sunday into circles together throughout the week. The goal is that you would MAKE PROGRESS in a particular area of your life and MEET PEOPLE who you may ultimately choose to do life with.

Over the course of the entire year of 2022, we saw 125 people make their way from rows into circles. Just this month, we launched our first round of 2023 MC Circles, and I am stoked to share that another 75 people have circled up to start the new year off right.

Midcurrent, that is worth celebrating!

It is so fun to be a part of a church that continually pursues a relationship with God and with one another. I truly believe God will honor each step we take. So keep on circling up!

Hope to see you Sunday for Week 2 of I DO!

9:00am & 10:30am // 200 First Street //