Our Mission   |   To reach more people for Jesus and to teach people to live more like Him.

Our Vision   |   Creating spaces and opportunities where real people and a real God meet.

We noticed something over the years. It’s no longer the norm that individuals or families have had a positive experience with the local church, or any experience at all. So many of our neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family members don’t have any interest in the local church all together. We want to change that.

Why? Because the local church is the hope of the world.

And there is no organization with as much potential to change lives and to change the world as the local church.

Our Name   |   Midcurrent Church

Throughout history, rivers have been the site of some of God’s most powerful activity in the lives of his people. As an avid fly-fisherman, our founding pastor, Sten, spends a great deal of time in rivers himself. And when it comes to fishing, midcurrent is the place to be! We think the same is true when it comes to church. Not only is Midcurrent the place to be, but it’s also the place where real people and a real God meet!

Midcurrent Church is part of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC).