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Midcurrent Midweek – Holidays at Midcurrent – 12.7.22

Hey Midcurrent,

The next 30 days include some of the most anticipated days of the entire year. And I want to make sure you know what those special days will look like here at Midcurrent. So let me fill you in on three dates.

1.  December 23–Christmas Eve Eve.
You might be wondering if I meant to write, “December 24–Christmas Eve.” No, I did not. Years ago we began a new tradition for celebrating Christmas at Midcurrent by holding Christmas Eve services on Christmas Eve Eve. There are two identical services at 5:00pm and 7:00pm on December 23. Our band will sing songs that are sure to warm your soul. We’ll celebrate how God is working in the lives of those who call Midcurrent home. I’ll boil down the good news of Christmas into one simple truth that I think you, and every one of your neighbors and co-workers, need to hear. And, just as we do every year, we’ll light up the room with candles only to bring the service to a close. It’s a “Don’t Miss” experience at Midcurrent, and we hope to see you there!

2. December 25–Christmas Day
Christmas actually falls on a Sunday this year. And rather than bringing you all back to Midcurrent less than 48 hours after our Christmas Eve Eve services, we’ll press pause on our Sunday morning schedule and invite you to spend Christmas morning at home with your family and friends. You have my permission to stay in your pajamas till at least 2:00pm! And at that point….you might as well just leave them on all day!

3.  January 1–New Years Day
New Year’s Day also falls on a Sunday this year. We recognize that New Year’s Day looks different for many of us. But we don’t want to let two Sundays pass us by without being together. So here’s the plan. We’re holding
Teacher Appreciation Day at Midcurrent. In place of our regular worship experiences, we’ll be packing gift baskets for teachers in our local schools. We believe kids today are leaders tomorrow, and we want to express our thanks to our local schools for the part they play in raising up the next generation. More details on how you can help will available this Sunday at Midcurrent!

This Sunday is also Week 2 in our current series, All I Want For Christmas. I’ll suggest another item for the top of your wish list this year. Hope you can make it.

9:00am and 10:30am // 200 First Street //