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Midcurrent Midweek – I Bet I Can Read Your Mind – 6.28.22

Hey Midcurrent!

If I had to guess, I’d say most of you are asking the very same question right now.

When do we move into the new building? 

Am I right? Is this not the ONE thing you really want to know?

Well, I am excited to rollout for you the timeline we anticipate for the next couple months. There’s a few moving parts still (fire alarm inspection, city inspection, etc.), so we do have to stay flexible, but here’s the plan as it sits right now:

  • July 3: Church online only
  • July 10: Week 6 of “Need to Know” onsite and online as usual
  • July 17FINAL SERVICE at Camp St. Croix and a CELEBRATION of all that God has done there in 5 years.
  • July 23/24:  NO SERVICE. Work Weekend in the new building–keep an eye out for info on how/when/where we’ll need your help!
  • July 31:  FIRST SERVICE in the new building and the start of a month-long “sneak peek” in our new home at 200 First St in downtown Hudson.
  • September 11: Grand Opening and Fall Kick Off

If something changes, we’ll make sure to let you know as soon as possible. But for now, save these dates and do not miss a “first” or a “last” or anything in between!

We’ll see you this Saturday for the Hudson Booster Days Parade, and then again online on Sunday.

10:30am //

Don’t forget to host a watch party, post a pic, and tag @midcurrentchurch for a chance to win some MC swag!

Have a fun and safe 4th of July weekend!

P.S. Make sure to checkout for your chance to purchase an auditorium chair in honor of every member of your family and perhaps every member of the family you’ve been wanting to invite to Midcurrent. Every chair is an opportunity for real people and a real God to meet!