Money for Chil√©! ūüíį

I have some fun news to share about a check we just got to write!

During the month of December, we gave you the opportunity to express generosity beyond the walls of this church to organizations doing God’s work both locally and globally. One of those¬†organizations was a sister-church in¬†Chil√©. Iglesia del Pacto in Antofagasta, Chil√©¬†is new¬†church that is making a big impact in their region by offering local¬†outreach events and providing¬†basic needs, even basic medial care, for those in their community. As a result of their work, their growth, and the response to their outreach, they are in need of new sound equipment, medical equipment,¬†generators, etc.

Remy Diederich, a pastor and also a friend of Midcurrent, has been supporting the work of this church and had a goal to gift them with $20,000 on his next visit in 2024.  We were invited to help contribute to that goal.  I am so encouraged to be able to share that, in just one month, you all contributed a total of $3500 toward that goal. On top of that, our Lead Team decided to match that total meaning we sent a check for $7000 which was the final push that helped to exceed the $20,000 goal.

First of all, I want to thank you for your generosity! And second, I want you to know that when you give¬†to Midcurrent, you are helping to support God’s work both near and far.¬† Every penny that you give back contributes directly the changing of lives here at this church, in this community, and across the world!

So well done, Midcurrent. I love to be a part of such a generous church. You faithfulness is making a difference!