It’s Working …

I got an email this week from someone expressing their gratitude for the church we have created here in the St. Croix Valley. She shared how much her family actually looks forward to church every Sunday, which was a true answer to her prayers. She then shared a few magical words that I’ll tuck away for a rainy day. She said:

“It’s a true testimony to being a place where real people and a real God meet.”

Friends, that is music to my ears! That is the very place we pray we would be for more and more people in our community. So the fact that all of you are picking up on that and actually experiencing it to be true for you, and your families, and spouses, and kids, and friends, and neighbors…well, it puts a little extra pep in my step. 🙂

Our commitment to creating a place where real people and a real God meet is truly what makes us tick, and it’s actually what we are talking more about in our current message series called This Is Us.

We’ve been experiencing so much growth, Easter attendance was off the charts, and so I figured now might be a good time to call a timeout and talk a little but more about what it is we are all about at Midcurrent.

We’ve got two weeks in the books where we talked all about our invitation to real, everyday people as well as our confidence in a real, loving, active and faithful God. This Sunday, we’ll put the spotlight on our efforts to create the spaces and opportunities where those two meet.

I’m really looking forward to it. We’ll also celebrate child dedication which is an awesome opportunity to stand alongside moms and dads whose desire is to raise their kids to know and follow Jesus.

It’s gonna be a great morning…would love to see you there!