Midcurrent Midweek – 2.16.22 – It has begun!

Hey Midcurrent!

I almost have to pinch myself whenever I say this out loud, but I could not be more thrilled to announce that construction has officially begun on our new home downtown!  It’s not the most glamorous of work, yet–mostly demolition, clean up, and project preparation. And we won’t have a firm timeline in place until the building owners line up a few last minutes details….but, IT IS ON! And that is so huge and so timely.

These last few weeks at church have been a huge reminder about why we started pursuing a new home in the first place. So far in January and February, we’ve seen between 50% and 75% growth in attendance from week to week. That’s unreal!! Open seats are fewer and farther between upstairs, and MC Kids is busting with excitement and activity. Our new home can’t come soon enough. The potential growth that God has in store for Midcurrent simply requires more space–more space to accommodate growth and more space to send the message to our visitors that there is room for them at Midcurrent.

But just because the project has begun, it’s doesn’t mean we can put the Raise ‘Em Up campaign behind us. We still have some money to raise to put the finishing touches on the project. And going forward, we still need to see, roughly speaking, at least 50 new or increased monthly commitments of about $150 to the general fund and weekly operation of all the work God has called us to.

Contributions can be sent to Midcurrent Church at 55 Robin Lane, Hudson, WI 54016 (with “Raise ‘Em Up” or “General Fund” in the memo line) or set up online at midcurrent.churchcenter.com/giving.

That’s not the only exciting thing happening right now. We are also at the half way point of a six-week message series called Seizing Your Divine Moment! We are spending these six weeks discussing what it is we can do in order to seize the moment and become the people God has called us to be.

If you feel like God is possibly tapping you on the shoulder with some big new assignment, you won’t want to miss anymore of this series. I believe you’ll be inspired and encouraged to seize your divine moment.

We’ll also be dedicating FOURTEEN kids to God on Sunday on what is sure to be a special day at Midcurrent.

See you then!

10:30am // Camp St. Croix // YouTube.com/MidcurrentChurch

We’ll save you a seat–but maybe show up a little early just to be sure 😉