Midcurrent Midweek – 1.19.22 – Raise ‘Em Update ⛪

Hey Midcurrent,

With each passing day in 2022, we are one day closer to a potential start date for construction on our new building downtown. As a result, let me give you a few updates on where things stand. 

Fundraising Goal
As we unveiled this exciting new project in the fall of 2021, we estimated an initial fundraising goal of over $500,000. In the weeks and months that followed, we worked hard to select the right general contractor (Leading Edge and our very own Lukas Rivard, if you haven’t heard!!) and were then provided a more accurate bid of just about $600,000 which we then set as our new fundraising goal. No one likes to see a price tag go up, but I do not believe God is deterred by a few extra bucks…and we shouldn’t be either. 

Current Progress
As of today, there have been 72 unique donors (59 from within the Midcurrent community) who have pledged $520,000 to the construction of our new home.  Midcurrent, that is so worth celebrating! And yet if I’m honest, we’re not where we hoped we would be.  In 2021, we had a total of 132 unique donors contribute to God’s work at Midcurrent which means there is still a great opportunity for a HIGHER percentage of those of us that call Midcurrent “home” to participate in this campaign and push us over the finish line. If you have yet to contribute to the future home God is leading us toward, or are feeling compelled to give above and beyond what you already have, you can do so quickly and easily by clicking this link, and selecting the “Raise ‘Em Up”  fund from the drop down menu.  I cannot wait to see how God will use this new tool of ours to reach many more people for Jesus. The best is yet to come gang! 

Next Steps
It is likely that we will begin construction sometime between February 1 and March 1. Whenever that day comes, we will make sure to let you know the exact moment we anticipate the first nail being pounded.