Under Water

Hey Midcurrent,

If you’ve been at church in the past couple days, then you’ve seen that the whole place is underwater. And no, I’m not talking about any problems because of the rising St. Croix River out our front door. I’m talking about the fact that our entire facility has been transformed into an under water world of adventure for the 75 kids that singed up for SCUBA–an action packed VBS experience at Midcurrent!

We’re half way through this amazing summer adventure camp, and I can tell you that kids and adults alike are having a blast! If you call Midcurrent home, you should be proud of the experience that was created for kids in this community. And if you support Midcurrent financially, you should know that your generosity has helped make this whole thing possible. Let me express my sincere thanks for your support and partnership!

I also need to mention that the success of an experience like VBS is because of the foundation that our MC Kids Director, Lexi, has built for all of the ministry we lead for kids. And this Sunday is Lexi’s last on our team as she is transitioning from part time staff member to full time mom. The great news is that Lexi and her husband John aren’t going anywhere and are still excited to call Midcurrent “home.” But I would still be so thrilled for you to join us on Sunday as we thank and honor Lexi for the incredible impact she has had at Midcurrent.

It’s fitting that, as we honor Lexi on Sunday, we’ll also get a sneak peak of the week she just helped to create. At both services, kids who attended VBS will get to perform a song on stage at church so that our whole church can get a glimpse of the awesome week we just had.

***VBS parents–check your kids into MC Kids as usual on Sunday morning, and the classroom teacher will bring them into the auditorium when it’s time for them to take the stage!!

There are many reasons to be at Midcurrent this Sunday, and I hope to see you then!

9:00am & 10:30am // 200 First Street // youtube.com/midcurrentchurch