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The Tide is Rising …

If you haven’t heard or seen yet, the St. Croix River has flooded right up to our door step. The river view from my office gets better and better every single day!! 😉

Ok…all jokes aside, it is a pretty crazy scene out in front of church and we have lost a number of parking spaces you typically utilize on a Sunday morning. BUT HAVE NO FEAR! There is still plenty of parking available, and access to our front door is not impeded in any way.

And we are in a series too important to miss! It’s called THIS IS US. Whether you are new to Midcurrent, or have called this place home for a while, this series was designed to teach everyone more about the heartbeat of Midcurrent. I think you will enjoy the series as well as any friends and neighbors you have considered inviting to church with you.

There is still First Street parking to the north, and all of the River City Center parking lot (think River Front Athletic Club) is available to us.

So leave yourself an extra minute or two, wear your walking shoes, and started practicing your speed walk. But whatever you do, do not miss week 2 of THIS IS US.