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Midcurrent Midweek – 11.09.22 – The Message You’ve Been Waiting For

This past Sunday, I delivered the one message you’ve all been waiting for–the one message people look forward to all year long. It’s the most requested topic at Midcurrent today.  You have all been begging me, and pleading with me to talk about this one thing in church. And so I finally gave the talk that everyone was asking for. What talk is that?

The money talk.

Ok…I’m guessing, by now, that you know I am only joking about how excited people are to talk about money in church. I recognize that it’s not anyone’s favorite topic–that includes a pastor. But, how we handle our money is incredibly important to our own spiritual lives, and it’s important to our life together as a church. So it’s important that we talk about it.

That’s what I did on Sunday. And my goal was not to scold anyone, but to try and provide all of you with a better understanding of what it is that God really wants most from us. It’s not a certain number, it’s our heart. The challenge is, the pathway to the heart of most American Christians, today, travels right through their wallet.

If you call Midcurrent home and you missed the message from Sunday, it would mean a lot to me if you took 30 minutes to jump online and catch up. You can watch the message by clicking this link and skipping ahead to the 38:50 mark.

I also threw out a challenge on Sunday that I want to remind you of today as well. My invitation was for you to start a recurring giving plan at Midcurrent. And just so you know that we are not looking to make a profit, but to make progress in the spreading of the the good news of Jesus, here’s what we’re going to do.  If anyone starts (or increases) a recurring giving plan in the month of November, we’ll take the first month’s donation and send 100% of it right back out the door to organizations helping people right here in the St. Croix Valley. You can automate your giving on the Church Center app or by visiting We’d be so thrilled to have you partner with us, and we can’t wait to send that first month’s donation straight into our community.

Have a great week. Hope to see you Sunday for week 3 in our series, If I Could Edit the Bible, when I’m going to dissect one the most well known, but most misunderstood Bible verses there is. You won’t want to miss it.