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Midcurrent Midweek – 5.18.22 – Almost Home!

There’s a lot of talk about our new building these days…and rightfully so!  It is coming along in ways that surprise even me. I stopped in this week to see sheet rock up on every single wall giving shape to the very rooms and hallways we will soon be filling up every week!  Words cannot express our excitement for what we believe God has planned for us there.

And amidst all of the anticipation, I usually get asked one question most often: when do we move in?!  That’s a great question. At this time, we anticipate gaining occupancy to the building on August 1 and holding our first service as quickly as we can transfer all of the gear from our trailer into our new home. It will be here before we know it!

The other crucial question, one that I’m asked far less frequently, is this: have we raised all the money?  It’s fun to be able to share that we have had just about $580,000 pledged to the building. Our goal all along has been $600,000. And as long as each of us are able to see our three year commitments through, this means that we are so stinking close to the finish line!

Any gift you have been considering giving to our Raise ‘Em Up campaign (whether it’s a first time gift or an increase to a gift you have already made) could literally be the one that pushes us over the finish line. Or it might be the gift that helps us blow way past the finish line to ensure that we incur as little debt as possible or to help furnish the new building with all that we need to create the most welcoming and hospitable environment in the St. Croix Valley.

If you have questions about our new building, why we’re moving, or what this whole project is all about, make sure you check out You’ll find a letter from me, pictures, building designs, video testimonials, as well as all the messages from the message series we used to launch this campaign.

And if you are looking for a way to contribute to the campaign, you can do so at

There is not a more exciting time, or a more important time, to be linking arms with Midcurrent as, together, we join God in God’s mission in the church and in the world. I’m grateful to be on this mission with all of you!

Hope to see you Sunday. I’ll back in the saddle with another week in our series, Jesus Never Said That.