A reflection on Sunday’s message:

Recently at Midcurrent, we’ve been talking about “Seizing Your Divine Moment”. 

The 6 weeks of this series are helping me understand more deeply about the times I have asked for God’s guidance in a decision. Often, it’s when I’ve felt weary and unsure of where to go next, finding myself trying to surrender and get out of the way so I can see what God is trying to show me. Other times, an opportunity feels “too easy” and “too good to be true,” but that’s when I can feel him working on the plan he always had – and I can have confidence in choosing a new adventure. 

So far, in the first 3 of 6 weeks in this series, we’ve learned that seizing divine moments will require some things on our part: 

  • initiative and an expression of wanting a solution
  • acknowledgement of the uncertainty that is inherent, but has the ability to boost our faith
  • embracing our ability to influence change instead of using other kinds of authority

In Saul’s battle against the Philistines, Jonathan, son of Saul, takes initiative to approach the enemy whether others join him or not. With belief in Jonathan and faith in God, his armor-bearer followed loyally. Now, that’s influence! Can you imagine following just one guy into battle?

To prompt action in others, we can use our authority if/when we have it, but the ability to influence people reaches their heart and triggers their own commitment to the cause. 

How can we be INfluential? A couple suggestions:

  • Live IN the word and in prayer, as this is how we find our worth and identity in God.
  • INvest in the things we care about; giving our time, resources and attention to them in the present with faith that this creates the progress we’re seeking into the future.
  • INvite others to join you. People will notice what you believe in and invest in by living in your principles, but the power of invitation creates the next ripple of the waves. Offer others the opportunity to join you in faith. 

“Do you want to turn heads with authority, or win hearts with influence?” – Hailley Leverty

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