Midcurrent Midweek – 9.16.20

It may have been like no fall kick-off we have ever experienced before, but I for one was excited to see what took place last Sunday. We gathered in-person and online as ONE church to set our hearts and minds on God and the ways He is moving in our lives.
And no matter where it was that you were engaged with us on Sunday, you should know of the vital part you play in the community God is forming at Midcurrent. Because, while it was encouraging to be back in our building again, the church is definitely not a building. It’s people. It’s real everyday people, like you and me, who use their everyday lives to make a difference in the world all in the name of Jesus. I’m glad to be a part of a church full of people who want to do everything they can to reach more people for Jesus!
If you were with us on Sunday, you heard us introduce our new mobile app. If you weren’t with us, let me tell you about it now. It’s a great new tool that will allow you to:
  1. stay up to date on the latest church news
  2. send any questions or prayer requests with our new digital connection card
  3. give back to God with your finances
  4. pre-check your kids in to MC Kids (when MC Kids resumes)
  5. register for events, retreats, and small groups
Interested? Just download the Church Center app, sync it with Midcurrent, and you can stay connected with us right from the palm of your hand.
We’ll be back at it again this Sunday for week 2 in our series I’m In. I can’t wait to look all of you in the eyes (even if it’s through a camera lens) to let you know you are invaluable to God’s work here on this earth.
Sunday // 10:30am // Camp St. Croix // midcurrent.online.church