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Monumental Weekend at Midcurrent

This past weekend at Midcurrent was certainly a highlight of the year. 

For starters, we held our first ever Men’s Breakfast with just about 50 dudes who gathered together for a hearty breakfast as well as a challenging, and inspiring, talk about integrity.  I think I speak for just about every one of those 50 guys when I say it was a morning we won’t forget. There was also a brave group of guys who came out early for some flag football in the cold. And in case anyone is wondering…yes, my team beat pastor Jonathan’s team in the first game. Just sayin’… 😉  

Then on Sunday, we dedicated eight kids to the Lord! It truly is encouraging to see parents publicly declare their intention to do everything they can to raise their kids to know and follow Jesus. I love, too, the commitment the whole church makes to support, champion, and cheer for these families, and these kids, along the way.  I am so grateful for a church that continually invests into the next generation of Jesus followers!

We also had our largest attended weekend (excluding Christmas and Easter) in the short history of our church. More than 400 men, women, and children walked through our doors on Sunday morning. Now, let me be honest. I have said from Day 1 that I don’t have attendance goals. Bigger is not necessarily better.  But here is what I have also said from Day 1. As long as we have friends, family, or neighbors that do not know Jesus, then we’re not big enough. So I am celebrating, wildly, the opportunity we had on Sunday for more than 400 people to meet Jesus, or to begin following him more closely, right here at Midcurrent.

If you call Midcurrent home, thanks for all you have done to help this to be the place where real people and a real God meet. You prayers, generosity, and hospitality, as well as your serving and inviting is making a real difference. We couldn’t do it without you!

Hope to see you Sunday for Week 3 in our series, Winning the War in Your Mind.