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Midcurrent Midweek – 8.25.21

A few weeks back, I mentioned the possibility that Camp St. Croix might no longer be available to us beginning this September. A number of you have since asked, “Sten, what’s the deal with Camp St. Croix?” It’s a great question. You deserve an update. And I can finally provide an answer. 

For now, we can stay! That’s great news. 

But what’s not so great is that Camp St. Croix is simply not as comfortable a home for Midcurrent as it used to be. For starters, we’re growing! More people and more kids continue to walk through our doors every Sunday. On top of that, Camp St. Croix is becoming a busier place throughout the week which has made it significantly more challenging for us (especially those who arrive early in the morning to begin setting up) to duck in and out every Sunday. 

So what does all of this mean?  First of all, we’re giving thanks that we won’t be homeless and forced to move into a new home in short order. But we are also continuing to search, diligently and prayerfully, for a new place to call home–for seven days a week and not just a few hours on Sunday morning. 

We have even identified some possibilities and are taking all the necessary steps to determine if they are viable options to soon present to all of you! 

There may be a few “unknowns” at the moment. But what I can tell you is this:

This is an exciting time to be a Midcurrenthian!! (Ya, I kinda just made that term up to refer to all of us).

Would you continue to pray for our church, our future home, and the collective work we do together to create spaces for real people and a real God to meet!



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