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Hey Midcurrent,

I’m writing to you today regarding a significant milestone in our life as a church. This June, Midcurrent will be officially welcomed as a full standing, member congregation of the Evangelical Covenant Church!

So then, you might ask, what exactly have we been for the last four years?? Good question! I promise you, we have been a legit church and a legal non-profit registered in the state of Wisconsin. But in terms of what is referred to as “church governance” (how we are structured and operate as an organization), we have operated under the umbrella of the denomination of which we are affiliated and the structures it provides for new church plants like ours. However, as of this summer, that won’t be the case anymore!

Practically speaking, not a whole lot will change. But, we will soon operate with three new, behind-the-scenes, components to our church.

  1. A constitution and set of bylaws. Essentially, these documents will be our guide in terms of how we operate and conduct business as a church.
  2. An elected board of leaders. Leadership of the church will no longer fall solely on my shoulders, but rather on the collective shoulders of a leadership team empowered to help guide Midcurrent in all that God has called us to.
  3. Church membership.¬†Annual budgets, certain¬†hires, and most major¬†ministry decisions¬†will now be approved by a group of committed members of the church–members who also commit to faithfully support the ministry, mission, and priorities of the church as well.

The last item on that list is what I want to write to you about today. In the years to come, there will be a process outlined by which we welcome new members to the church. However, at this time in our history, there are no current board members or church members to oversee the process of welcoming any¬†new¬†members.¬† That means that at this time, and this time only, we have the opportunity to “grandfather in,” so to speak, those of you who are committed to Midcurrent and its mission, vision, and values, and are ready to raise your hand to become charter members of the church.

How do you know if this step is for you?? Another great question.

If you think you¬†might¬†be interested in this next step of membership–or what we will refer to as partnership–then here’s what I need you to do.¬† Visit¬†this link¬†for more detailed information on MC Partnership, and follow any instructions provided there regarding a short celebration we’ll hold on April 24. We’re shooting for at least 30 charter partners. Will you be one of them?

Partner or not, it is a true joy to be on this journey with each of you, and I look forward to all the years of ministry to come!