Midcurrent Midweek – 12.02.21 – Operation HELP!

I’m sitting in Dunn Brothers as I write, and it is full-on Christmas in here. I love it! They’ve had the Christmas cups for a while now (clearly they are in the pre-Thanksgiving-Christmas-celebration camp), but now they have all the trees and ornaments and hanging wreaths. Ready or not, Christmas is coming!!

And in partnership with Operation HELP, we are excited to bring a special little slice of Christmas to families in our own communities who are in need of a little extra assistance this time of year. If you grabbed a tag either of the last two Sundays, you’ve only got a few more days to do your Christmas shopping because this Sunday, December 5th, we are collecting all the gifts back at Midcurrent–unwrapped and with the original tag you picked off the tree.

Thank you so much for your generosity. You all are always so quick to respond to needs in the community and in the world. I love leading a church full of people with hearts like yours!

Not only are we collecting those gifts this Sunday, but we are also beginning a brand new message series called Unexpected! We’ve all heard it before, “big things come in small packages.” While this very well may be true, when we examine the stories and details surrounding the birth of Jesus, we’ll discover that some of God’s greatest gifts to us are delivered in the most unexpected ways.

If you have ever experienced an interruption, slowdown, setback, or detour somewhere in your life, I hope you’ll join us for Week 1 in this new series. Those detours could very well be a gift from God to you. Can’t wait to tell you more.

10:30am // Camp St. Croix // YouTube.com/MidcurrentChurch