Midcurrent Midweek – 9.1.21

On more than one occasion over the past year, I’ve pointed out the fact that Midcurrent continues to grow. But it has dawned on me that I haven’t taken as much time to point out the fact that our staff continues to grow as well!  Some have been hired-part time. And others have generously offered to fill roles that we would have otherwise looked to hire part-time as well. Either way, God has been assembling an amazing staff of leaders who work alongside each other every week at the office (a.k.a Dunn Brothers) or in the Midcurrent Conference Room (a.k.a. my kitchen).

So today is all about highlighting them. Here it goes! 

Brian Smith–Worship Leader: Brian was the first part-time staff member we hired when Midcurrent was only one year old. In addition to being an amazingly talented musician, Brian is also a gifted web and graphic designer. From our website, to promotional materials, to online and on-screen graphics–Brian is the master behind it all!

Hailley Leverty–Ministry Assistant: We often joke that Hailley’s title could be, I do just about everything for anyone anytime they need help. But that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. So we opted for ministry assistant instead. Whatever her title, one thing is for sure: she is instrumental in the dreaming, the planning, the coordinating, the communication, and the execution of just about everything we do. 

Erin Buye--NEXT Director: Next what you might ask?? Next anything really!! From first-time visitor, to raving fan of Midcurrent, to fully devoted follower of Jesus, Erin has recently joined our staff to help you take whatever step is next for you! Erin is an exceptional event planner and is so gifted in helping make Midcurrent the most hospitable place ever!

Amy Thielke–MC Youth Director:  Amy is the most recent to officially join our staff and has made an immediate impact in the lives of the next generation! Here’s the one thing I keep hearing from parents, “Oh my kids love Amy!!” She has joined an amazing team of adult leaders and has helped create THE place for students to be on Wednesday nights!

Erica Carlson–Interim MC Kids Director:  If you didn’t know, Erica is my wife. And in addition to being the single greatest support and champion for all things Midcurrent from the very beginning, she has also spent the last year leading MC Kids where she has been passionately teaching our kids that God is a good God, He is in a good mood, and He is not mad at you! If you have seen her in action, you have experienced the contagious love she has for all of those kids…and for Jesus!  

And then there’s me. I lead this crazy crew and also tell a few bad jokes on Sunday mornings. And all of it is an absolute privilege.

I know this weekend is your last taste of summer, but I’d sure be glad to see you onsite or online. this Sunday.