Midcurrent Midweek – 7.21.21

Hey Midcurrent!

I truly hope you are enjoying these summer months. I, for one, have had a whirlwind month of July. I’ve spent the month doing three things primarily: speaking, vacationing, and praying. 

The month began with me speaking for a week (twice a day!!!) for a couple hundred people at a summer camp in Michigan.  In addition to speaking, I was the “resident pastor” for the week– there to guide and encourage those who needed it.

The very next week was a week of pure VACATION. No cooking, no cleaning, no running errands, no meetings, no emails (ok, maybe a few), no responsibilities–NOTHING! And it was glorious!

And then in the weeks after, and sprinkled everywhere in between, I’ve been praying. Praying for what?? Midcurrent. I’ve been praying for our future and specifically for some of the decisions we need to make right now. 

These summer months have, relatively quickly, brought upon us three very real possibilities.

  1. Camp St. Croix might not be available to us beginning this September.  

  2. We might have to consider a move into a new facility–most likely a school or a place that offers similar space.

  3. Maybe we’d lease and build-out a facility to call our own for a while. To be honest, there is one in particular that has caught our attention.

There are still many questions to answer, factors to weigh, and possibilities to consider. I won’t list out all of the details, nor can I provide any information with any amount of certainty right now. 

But what I am going to ask you to do right now, no matter what you are doing, is to stop and pray.  Would you pray for our future and these important decisions we need to make? Would you pray that God would lead us to the right place to call home, and that it would be a tool for us to reach more people for Jesus here in the St. Croix Valley.  

If you could take even just 30 second to pray that prayer right now, I would be so grateful.

Thanks so much friends! So glad to be in this together with all of you!


P.S. Our good friend James Brown is in the house this Sunday for another week in our series Faith Hacks. Plus, we are pausing to celebrate communion. PLUS… it’s just really fun to be together on Sunday. Won’t be the same without you!