The Other Side of the Dark

We just wrapped up a message series called Dangerous Prayers: 1. Search Me 2. Break Me and 3. Send Me. The second one got to me – here are my thoughts.

“God purifies hearts.”  ~Proverbs 17:3.

I would rather He not;  let’s be honest.  I am comfortable where I am.  I don’t welcome what feels like darkness for me to be made whole-er.  I’m good with being Halfsies, but also, Jesus is coming.  We can take care of the rest of my purification then, I think. 

BUT.  I can see what needs to be purified in my kids’ lives.  CAN I GET AN AMEN.  Currently, the screaming in the pool.  & the bickering.  But also:  where self confidence has slipped.  The lies they believe about themselves.  The anxieties that crowd them in the night but also in the daylight. 

If I am looking at my children & can see how much more there is for them + how badly I want it for them, how much more our Father with us? 

We really do want God to purify us.  God’s Love comes in a million hues.  Purification is just another shade.  We can trust it won’t be beyond what He’ll help us handle. 

& won’t life be brighter, won’t WE be brighter, on the other side of the dark?