Midcurrent Midweek – 4.8.21

I wish you could see my face as I write this email because I am still smiling about Easter at Midcurrent.

We checked in a record number of kids (almost 100 in total), hosted more adults in our worship experience than ever before, and we saw a notable increase to our live-stream viewers on YouTube as well. All across the board, it was an incredibly exciting weekend. 

But I am not excited about attendance for attendance sake only.  I am excited, however, that more people than ever before at Midcurrent had the opportunity to hear the good news that Jesus’ victory over death gave us the keys to life! Friends, that is absolutely something to be smiling about. And I have a feeling I’ll be smiling about it for a while! 

The truth is, Easter weekend was just one in a string of recent weekends that has caused church leadership to stop, pause, and look around. And when we do, we’ve realized something: we are growing!! From MCKIDS, to MCYOUTH, to Sunday morning, to a growing community, new spiritual friendships and beyond…God is on the move. The momentum we’re experiencing has caused a few of us to begin wondering, “Are we growing out of Camp St. Croix? Do we need a space of our own?” And while we don’t have any plans to move at the moment, we can’t help but wonder if a new home could be, or should be, in our future. 

I tell you this because I want to invite you in on the whole process. And, I want to invite you to do a couple things in particular.

  1. Would you pray for Midcurrent at this moment in our life as as church? We have been praying that God would lead us to know when the time is right to consider a facility of our own and what that facility would be. We would be so grateful to have all of you praying along with us.

  2. Would you consider how you might be able to partner financially with us in regard to a facility of our own? There will come a day in our future when we hold an all out capital campaign to buy or build a permanent home. That is not what we’re considering now, but whatever move is next for us will still involve a significant investment. We want to be well positioned to make that move whenever that time comes. As a result, we have created a “Future Home” fund in our budget.  Perhaps you might be excited to begin contributing to it right now.

  • “Future Home” can be added to the memo line of any check written to Midcurrent 

  • Any dollar amount followed by “future home” can be texted from any smart phone to 84321

  • “Future Home Fund” can be selected from the drop down menu of any online or Church Center app giving as well 

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to email
Dave McDaniel at finances@midcurrentchurch.org. 

Only God knows what is next for us on this journey. But I’ll tell you what… it is an absolute joy and privilege to be on this journey with all of you. 

Don’t forget, we begin a brand new message series this Sunday called, I Have A Question. Over the course of this series, I will tackle a list of FAQ’s about God, church, faith, and the Bible. I hope to see you there.

10:30am // Camp St. Croix // YouTube.com/MidcurrentChurch