Let It Creak Open

This week we talked about doors. Especially, the ones we find ourselves locked behind- fear, pride, addiction, comparison, anxiety. Because of what Jesus did on the cross, the door has been unlocked. So why is it so hard to walk through sometimes? Jill Britz shared her thoughts.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t afraid. 

I never meant to be scared of recess or not being able to figure out who the “Boss” was to ask if I could play.  I didn’t plan to be scared of the dark.  I would rather not be afraid of my kids growing up & out & too far away from me.  I never planned on knee-jerking Fear every single change & challenge.

But here we are.

And I’m not the only human standing behind a ridiculously comfortable door of Fear.  I mean, consider your heart after the last year.  FOMO alone is an adequate cultural indicator that we are scared.  In bits & pieces, sure.  To varying degrees, yes, yes, of course.  But I see you; it’s in there.
I see you because I see me.

But do you know what sounds awesome?
Courage.  Being fearless.
Why do we watch movies with heroes?  Because heroes are Brave.  I want to be that, I do.
I have a door in the way, though. 

I wanted to call this post “Bust it down!”, but the truth is, if we can just let Jesus crack one tiny door open into greater freedom, into a wide open space where our Fear is rendered powerless, or at least less effective, well.

Let’s start asking. 

We may need to be professional Askers.  Because all Fear may dissolve on the first shot Jesus has at our cowering Fear, but it might not.  We have slammed & locked & bolted this damned door down pretty darn tight, all of us.

(Is it any wonder Scripture is strewn with “Do not fear”?  No.  No, it is not.)

So let’s get started. 
I don’t want to be known for being afraid. 
I want to be brave.
We have a door to walk through.

“Jesus victory over death gave us the keys to life” -Pastor Sten