Middcurrent Midweek – 2.24.21

Hey Midcurrent!

There is an announcement I have been wanting to make so badly over the last month. The difficult part was the confirmation we were still waiting for, as well as the final t’s needing to be crossed and i’s needing to be dotted. So I had to hold off week after week after week. It was killing me. And now the wait is over!

We might have missed some precious promotional time, but I am still confident and l crazy excited to announce the launch of MCYOUTH!!

For the months of March, April, and May, we’ll hold somewhat of a soft launch, so to speak, with a simple goal of creating a regular space to engage, empower, and encourage students (6th-12th grade) at Midcurrent.

Starting next Wednesday, March 3rd, MCYOUTH will meet weekly at the YMCA Teen Center (2211 Vine Street in Hudson) on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm-8:00pm. We have assembled an amazing team of adults and leaders who are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to invest into middle school and high school students in our community. 

You very well might have middle school and high students, or know some in the neighborhood. Either way, make sure you let them know about MCYOUTH. We’d love to have them in on the ground level–helping to breathe life into the very environments we dream about creating for teenagers in the St. Croix Valley! 

Teenagers today are leaders tomorrow. Let’s help them become all of who God created them to be!