Re-opening & COVID-19

As we do re-gather in the midst of this season, things will look slightly different. Church leadership, staff, and volunteers (from our musicians upstairs to our MC Kids team downstairs and everyone in between) all respond differently to what it is we are experiencing in the world today. And that’s ok. I’m glad to be a part of a diverse group of people who are ultimately bound together by ONE thing: the amazing gift of grace that Jesus Christ has made available to us even when not a single one of us deserved it.
At the same time, what this does mean, as we re-open, is that we can only go as fast and as far as we can go together.
As a result, we will resume meeting together in phases.  And we are incredibly excited to announce that, beginning on September 13, our first phase of in-person worship experiences will begin as follows:
  1. We will be offering our 10:30am worship experience ONLY until attendance and/or social distancing needs require us to add our 9:00am worship experience back to the morning schedule.
  2. We will begin our initial phase of reopening by inviting all kids to participate with their parents for the worship experience until we can ensure a safe and hospitable environment each Sunday in the basement level of our rented facility.
  3. We will be live-streaming our 10:30am worship experience online for those who are not able or comfortable to join us in-person.
  4. That live-steam video feed will be displayed on a lower level TV where parents may accompany any of their own children who are 3 and under.
  5. All staff and volunteers will be wearing face-coverings (except any musicians or speakers when presenting from the stage area which will be at least 6 feet a part from the first row of chairs).
  6. Staff and volunteers will be instructed to refrain from physical contact such as hugs or handshakes.
  7. All seating will be arranged to allow social distancing.
  8. All doors (except bathroom doors) will remain propped open to ensure contactless entries and exits from Camp St. Croix.
  9. Pre-service and post-service connection time will be encouraged to take place on the front walkway or covered side patio.
  10. Physical programs and connection cards will not be utilized. Note taking is encouraged on personal notebooks. All prayer requests can be submitted via email to and all questions and comments (including those interested in getting better connected at Midcurrent) can be sent to
  11. All guests are encouraged to bring their own coffee, tea, and treats until we can safely and happily serve you those items once again.
  12. We will abide by all local health recommendations and current executive orders regarding social distancing, face coverings, hand washing, and personal health monitoring.
  13. All volunteers and guests are asked to monitor their own health and to stay home if you are not feeling well for any reason.
For some, what’s described above is too much and too soon. For others, it’s not enough and it’s way too late. However, rather than focusing on what is or isn’t, I’m am choosing to focus on the incredible opportunities we have–in so many new and unique ways–to continue creating opportunities for real people and a real God to meet. And I am fully confident that, with open hearts, we will meet and experience God in real and powerful ways this fall!