Buy Extra Batteries

This week, we talked about the Bible…these are my thoughts! -Jill

We’ve gotten pretty good at flashlights at our house. The structure is old, where we live. 80+ years. Which means outlets aren’t excessive, so neither are lamps. Which means when the little ones head upstairs at bedtime, they are a bit hesitant. There’s light up there, sure. But it’s up a steepish, darkish stairway & around a corner. The two smallest ones can’t reach the pull chain on the ceiling light. I’m starting to feel negligent. . . .

Anyway, to encourage their independence into the dark, we buy flashlights. Often. Also batteries. “Here. Take a flashlight,” we say, in self-satisfied parenting wisdom. & off they go, lighting their paths.

Turns out, God is saying the same things to us.

We are in a dark, dark world, obviously. Spend 4 seconds online & it’s hard not to be discouraged. Sometimes, it feels like the light is going out as we watch.
But this!
Your Word is a lamp to my feet & a light to my path. (Psalm 119:105.).

The world may be dark, but God has given us the Bible to shed light on all our paths. On every decision & confrontation & conundrum. He simply won’t not help us. But we need to want the Light, to want to engage with our Bibles. We need to pick up our flashlights.

So, I don’t know. Do what you can to make Bible reading a thing you do. Brew the best coffee, pour it into your chunkiest mug. Play some chill instrumental music. Buy cool pens & keep a Bible reading journal. Make looking into the Light a treat. Because it 100% is meant to be. If you’re outfitting flashlights because some corners of your house tend to be dark, you buy extra batteries.

If you’re outfitting your life because some corners of the world are dark, you look for the Light in every possible place. God’s Word is a mighty Light.

What if, like my little ones, we refused to go even one tiny step into the dark without a Light?