Midcurrent Midweek – 1.13.21

Hey friends!
I am currently reviewing all things 2020 at Midcurrent. And despite the constant uncertainty of the year behind us, one of the things I am so mindful of is your continued faithfulness and generosity to God’s work at Midcurrent. Sure, Midcurrent looked and felt different last year. And perhaps it wasn’t all you wished it could have been at every given moment.
But in the midst of it all…ministry went on, our staff continued to be supported, spaces were still created for real people and a real God to meet, and God was still on the move!
Let me express my deep, deep gratitude to those of you who partnered with us financially! If you are ready to consider this kind of partnership with Midcurrent in 2021, you can do so safely, and easily online.


But I should mentioned that your financial giving isn’t the only way to give back to God at Midcurrent. It takes a whole team of volunteers who give of their time, every week, to work alongside us to ensure that Midcurrent is prepared to be a place where real people and a real God meet. And like so many other things, COVID has impacted the strength and the depth of most of our volunteer teams. So there is no better time than right now to raise your hand and join Team Midcurrent as we move forward together–believing the best is yet to come and that our God isn’t finished yet here at Midcurrent and in the St. Croix Valley. If you are ready to raise your hand, to join team Midcurrent, and to serve right alongside of us…now is the time!


I love to be a part of a church who gives so generously in so many different ways all so that God is honored and more people have the opportunity to encounter Him!
Oh ya…one other thing. Sunday is coming. We’ll save you a seat…or see you online!
10:30am // Camp St. Croix // midcurrent.online.church
P.S. Moms and dads, if you’re interested in having your child dedicated at Midcurrent on Valentine’s Day, February 14, you can register today right here!