Midcurrent Midweek – 12.2

Whether you grew up in church or not, you may know that the four weeks leading up to Christmas is known as the season of Advent. That all started this past weekend.

In the Carlson home, we kicked off this season in the same we have for the last few years–getting annoyed and frustrated while putting up Christmas decorations with three young kids. ūüôā ¬†Someone please tell me it gets easier….right?

Well either way, here’s the good news. Advent isn’t about decorations, trees, hanging stockings, or stringing up lights. Advent literally means “coming” or “arrival.” ¬†So this season is one in which we await, with hope and expectation, the coming of a newborn King. In the days leading up to the arrival Jesus, angels appeared four different times to announce the good news. Their message began the same way each time—Fear not. ¬†You see, the reality is that the world¬†then¬†was real similar to the world we’re living in¬†now. People were tired, afraid, discouraged and losing hope. With each new visit, the angels’ announcement truly gave the people something to look forward to.

Throughout the month of December, we are going to examine each of those four angel encounters in a brands new messages series called, The Weary World Rejoices.  My single prayer is that with each announcement, you too will find reason to rejoice and give thanks this year for the gift that Jesus is to you and me. 

This next season at Midcurrent won’t be same without you…in-person, or online. Invite a friend or neighbor to join us too!

10:30am // Camp St. Croix // midcurrent.online.church