Midcurrent Midweek – 10.15

I woke up this morning and checked the time on my cell phone. It was 6:00am–a pretty typical time for me to roll out of bed. Nothing special there. But there was one other measurement of time that did catch my attention. Just below the time on the home screen of my phone was the date. October 15, 2020.

It was exactly three years ago today, October 15, 2017, that we officially opened the doors at Midcurrent for the first time ever. It was probably about 6:00am that morning too, although I wasn’t rolling out of bed. I was already rolling sound equipment out of a trailer along side our dedicated launch team. I think I can still feel the nerves, the excitement, and the energy in the room. I can remember the faces–of both friends and strangers–who showed up that morning relieving our fears that we’d have a room full of empty chairs.

It really is hard to imagine that three years have gone by. And never in my wildest dreams did I think that we’d be celebrating this milestone in the middle of a year that has completely turned our world upside. Nonetheless, it is this milestone that we are celebrating this Sunday at Midcurrent. There is no doubt that COVID-19 and church online have changed our plans for this celebration. Things will certainly look different. But there is one thing that has stayed exactly same. God’s faithfulness to us.

When I really stop to think back over these three years, it’s hard not to be overcome with emotion and gratitude for all that God has done. He has been on the move in hearts, lives, families, marriages, and beyond. And that is what we are celebrating on Sunday. And nothing can stop us from giving thanks to a great God for all He has done in the last three years.

I know it’s been a crazy year and a crazy fall. I’m sure you’ve got a crazy weekend ahead. But I would be so thrilled to have you carve out some time to celebrate with us. Because YOU have played a huge part in what Midcurrent is today!

We’ve got a really great worship experienced planned with a fun and meaningful look back at these last three years. It really won’t be the same without you!

10:30am // Camp St. Croix // midcurrent.online.church